Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cerita ke-2 Aruna: Little Bird Magpie Go to School

One morning, there was little bird magpie and big Daddy and the little tiny baby and her mother who always cook nice food.

The little bird magpie went to bird school. She did learn bicycling and the teacher say, "Clever girl, magpie!"

After that, she washed her hand and help the teacher cut the banana and she ate it together with her friends. When they eat and eat, the mommy come to the school. (tensesnya ganti piye, ki? dibenerin tapi tetep maunya gitu, yang nulis gak boleh bilang apa-apa! disuruh diaaam....psst )
"Hello my little magpie, did you have a good time?" ask the mommy magpie.
"Yeah!" say the little magpie.
And then she say goodbye to robbin, pigeon, seagull and little finch, "Thank you for meeting me at the school".

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